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Lifestyle Connect is the only Entrepreneurs Network that connects you to Lifestyle Businesses as alternative Entrepreneurship wherein you create Passive/Residual Income Streams outside your work or business in order to enrich your life and achieve your financial goals (Financial freedom).

Financial freedom is merely when you have created Passive/Residual Income that is equal to or more than all your monthly expenses.

One of many ways to describe Passive Income is… money you continuously earn from a business in which you work once to create and set it up to continually generate money with or without your presence, and Active income is money you earn from your job, business or project wherein you actively participate in order to earn. If you don’t work you don’t earn. Below we introduce you to lifestyle business opportunities that let’s you generate Passive Income outside your work or business in order to build towards achieving your financial freedom.

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Turn your mobile phone into an ATM with our Forex Trading Made Easy opportunity that let’s you trade even without experience. Here is an opportunity that allows you to create multiple Passive Income Streams to achieve your desired lifestyle. Click the link below to learn more

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We invite you to explore our rich opportunities to create a lifestyle legacy for you and your family through a very creative concept that is changing lives of thousands of people across the globe. Adapt to a refreshing lifestyle of fun, freedom and fulfillment. Click the link below to learn how…

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