6 things you should be grateful about

6 things you should be grateful about deals with the things that are granted to us but we often take them for granted and it is only after losing them that we realize that how important those things were and we should have taken care of them. So, this article will work as a reminder to point out several things that you should and you must care about before time slips through your hands.

The first and foremost will be this “life”. Yes, you should always be grateful for the fact that you are alive and living, you are lucky enough to participate and live in this beautiful world (for once, ignore the negative aspects of life and the world around you). You are living while there are many people out there who are losing their lives by accident or misfortune. So always be grateful for you are alive and use this life to do whatever you can so that you do not have to die with any regrets.



The second will be your body and health. No matter how you look, how others look, whether you are black, brown or white, whether you are tall, skinny or muscular, whether you have beautiful eyes or normal eyes, just be grateful that you have a healthy body. Think of children who are blind since birth, people who loose limbs or get disfigured during wars or accidents people who are suffering from chronic diseases and waiting to die, think and know that you are lucky and as perfect as you could have been. Stop comparing yourself to what others look like and be satisfied that you have good body and health. Even if you are not healthy, health is something that is in one’s own hands, do something about it and sweat it out. Fight your illnesses and be healthy. Be grateful for this body and health before you lose it all.


Third thing that one should be grateful about is parents, families and friends. Yes, you ought to value them, care for them and love them no matter what. You must love them as much as you can even if you do not get enough love in return because once they are gone from your life, no matter what you do; people never come back from death. So, realize their importance and cherish all the time you get to spend with them. Think of all poor babies and children who are orphans or lose their parents in some accidents, they will never what is meant by family love and bonding. Be grateful for the family and friends you have been blessed with and also try and share your love with the less fortunate as they too deserve happiness as all humans do.


Fourth thing that one should be grateful about is Nature. Have you ever been grateful to it? Or have you always taken it for granted? If you have, then it is high time that you stop taking Nature for granted and value it. Mother Nature is greatest of all, it has been providing humans since the beginning and it continues to do so. We ought to thank her and take care of her for if Nature had not been there, life would not have been able to flourish or even survive on Earth. It is time for all human races to realize that we need to stop exploiting the Nature for our mean requirements. We have to value her and take care of her in order to keep it safe because if Nature keeps deteriorating then soon the entire human race will also be wiped off from the face of Earth. Be grateful to the all giving and all providing Nature for Sun and its warmth, greenery and its beauty, water, air plants and animals and every little thing that is crucial for our existence.


The fifth thing that is often ignored by us and is often taken for granted is our potentials and capabilities. Our talents and hobbies are now often not properly honed and shaped but instead we all are running in the global race of economy and chasing money. It is very important for us to realize that we all have hidden talents and potentials and we should realize those and exercise them in best ways. A person who is interested in painting and art when forced to become a doctor because that profession offers more money and security, will never be happy and successful as a doctor. And we should admit it that this phenomenon is quite common in our nation. Let us stop being a part of this blind race for money which is never ending and concentrate on bigger things that make life like happiness and satisfaction. Do not waste your talents and capacities, realize them and be grateful for what you already possess.

The sixth thing that you should be grateful for is your birthplace, your native country, and your homeland or mother land. This is also very important to realize as today there are many Indians who long to go in foreign countries and abandon their roots forever. They want to disassociate themselves from all that this “bad” in our country and want to escape in a newer world. This belief system is quite wrong and utopic. Because every nation has had its good and bad times and India is a developing nation and that is the reason what the situation here is difficult. It is India which requires the strength of its citizens who will work for its betterment and in a situation like this if one wish to settle abroad and not to look back at his or her motherland then it is cowardice and betrayal. No matter how good or bad your nation is, it is nevertheless your nation and you ought to love it, respect it, and work for it.

Do not overlook these things as these are what you should always be grateful for!


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